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    Cuttlefish are available in 8-10 g packs (2-5 units). They are perfect not only for budgerigars, but also serve as a great antiseptic and source of calcium for birds, snails and all kinds of reptiles

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    Mice are natural balanced feedstuffs for lizards, reptiles, snakes, birds of prey, etc. Such feedstuffs are exactly what your pets need. Most pet lizards, snakes, frogs, toad and salamanders feed eagerly only on mice.

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    Calcium deficiency is a major nutritional problem for reptiles and amphibians living in an unnatural environment. Our proposed calcium carbonate supplement enriched with high levels of calcium, which helps keep your pets upright and healthy. It contains 5% more calcium than any other calcium supplements offered for reptiles. 

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    Collembulos, a great food for small preadators, will be perfect for both praying mantis, frogs and others. Easily grown and perfectly improves micro flora in terrarium. The collembula itself grows about 1-2mm, eats plant residues, detritus and so on. Life expectancy of collembols - 2 months

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items