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    Chaco golden knee one of the larger species of tarantula, the Chaco golden knee (Grammostola pulchripes) can be expected to reach between 20–22 cm (8.5 in). The Chaco Golden Knee tends to be one of the more docile and calm species of tarantula and therefore makes an attractive first pet.

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    This spider common in India, Goa State. He lives in tropical forests, where the average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, and humidity even 70 percent. This spider  terrestrial spider, but loves to nuzzle caverns and hide. Usually, these spiders are growing quite quickly, on average, can grow up to 15 cm. This spider can be quite aggressive. 

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    A huge dark coloured Chilobrachys species that can reach sizes of 15-17cm legspan. These spiders are quite reclusive and if kept properly in a fossorial setup they will seldom be seen.

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    In fact the only one species known in captivity - Eucratoscelus pachypus, which can be easily separated from all other African tarantulas by its distinctive long brushes of setae and incrassate “bushy” tibia of the rear legs.

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    Pterinochilus is a family of bird eaters, who are strictly not recommended for beginners. Despite that spiders grow up to quite small size they are incredibly fast and aggressive. Their poisons are said to be most toxic among all bird eaters. All these aspects make it especially dangerous to keep this spider at home.

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    Brachypelma vagans is a species of tarantula known commonly as the Mexican red rump or Mexican black velvet. It ranges predominantly in Mexico, but can be found as far south as Belize, El Salvador, and Guatemala. They are terrestrial, burrowing spiders. The reason for the name red rump is because of its distinctive red hairs on its abdomen.

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    Euatlhus sp. "Red" is also known as the Chile Flame Tarantula.  Beautiful, docile and very hardy this New-World terrestrial can make a great first tarantula. The females currently available are late in their molt cycle. It is advisable to let them molt before any breeding attempts.

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    Brachypelma Albopilosum or Honduran Curly Hair. The B. Albo is indigenous to Central America ranging from Honduras to Costa Rica. It's best kept between 70-85 F (21-29c) with humidity between 65-80%.     

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